To start with I would like to thank you CABBIUS team for a professional communication, quick installation and for offering a free survey which helped to choose the right heaters for the property.

We have installed cassette tile infrared heating panels in a newly refurbished block of flats that we have rented after. There are 8 flats in a block, so after a three months of renting we have asked my tenants to provide us with a feedback about the quality of the flats, bills, heating, noise, etc.

There were two families that were really sceptical about infrared heating system installed in their flats. Most of the tenants have never heard about infrared heating and that the panels can be installed on the ceiling, so it was really unusual for them not to have traditional radiators. Some of the tenants wondered if infrared panels will be sufficient and powerful enough to heat their flats during the cold season.

To sum up, after three months we have received many positive feedback about infrared heating as it was described as providing a comfortable heath, easy to control, tenants are happy with energy costs as it proved to be really efficient and that it quickly heats the flats and the warmth stays for longer than they have expected. We and our tenants are really happy using infrared heating panels and we all would recommend this type of heating to anyone.

All the best,

Bansal Enterprise