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Buy the best range of electric boilers and infrared boilers from Cabbius Ltd online shop.

Electric Water Heaters 

Electric Water Heaters heats the water to the required temperature directly as it flows through the unit. The appliance only consumes power during this period. It starts to heat as soon as it is switched on and does not waste energy in vain by waiting.

Instant Electric Hot Water Tap

The   instant hot water tap has a stylish, contemporary design which is well suited to both domestic and commercial bathrooms. This luxury instant tap can be connected to a standard domestic power supply and requires only a cold water supply to run. The instant hot water tap requires a minimum operating pressure of 0.35 bar and can provide a water temperature of up to 50oc

Quantum Cylinder

he Quantum cylinder is a class-leading and intuitive, smart energy storage water vessel. Offering reliable hot water, the Quantum range is available in a choice of five capacities, from 125 litres to 300 litres – all unvented.


Cabbius Ltd. offer two electric combi boilers and one system boiler.

Electric Infrared Boiler offer unique low energy consumption and no maintenance Infrared Boiler as well as the standard Electric Combi boilers. 

FEATURES of Infrared Boiler   

The particular construction of the Infrared boiler tank allows to have a sizeable surface of contact with water (larger than a square meter/1,550 square inch) wrapped by a special heating element that, fed by electrical power, reaches the temperature of 120°C (248°F), bringing to 85°C (185°F) the temperature of the interior walls of the infrared boiler tank, therefore increasing the thermal transmission to the water and, at the same time, reducing to a minimum the formation of mineral deposits (see installation instructions).


The electric infrared boiler tank is made of AISI type 316L stainless steel with TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) and Microplasma welding technologies and with pickling treatment inside and outside. The cold water that enters from the base of the tank is channelled through the heated walls, allowing for a fast and efficient exchange of temperature between the walls and the water, which heats up very quickly. The electrical consumption is considerably reduced and optimized, thanks to a heating element made of carbon fibre (element that reduces the required electrical energy needed by 40%, at equal temperature reached) and to the variations of the electrical power utilized (NTA_75LT = 650W - 1370W and 1540W in the “Plus” function). The central control unit, with display, is connected to two thermostats for the checking and the constant control of the water temperature in its high and low positions in the electric infrared boiler tank.

Carbon fibre is flexible, does not oxidize, does not produce harmful electromagnetic fields during electricity flow, has no dimensional variations, as the temperature changes, or deterioration of ohm values. No wearing and no maintenance necessary. Its high resistivity permits significant energy savings.


Electric Infrared boiler performance of hot water production in quantity not comparable with similar products functioning with electrical resistances immersed in the water. Large energy savings in relation to the environment.  Economical use, thanks to the modulation of the electrical power utilized.


Cabbius Ltd. offer wide selection of plumbing accessories.