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  1. Infrared Heating for Car Wrap Salon

    Wraptastic have purchased recently some instant infrared heaters from Eco Infrared Technologies Ltd for our wraping stations as it was getting very cold there.
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  2. Activflo Catalyc Non-Chemical Water Conditioner Pipe

    We have been recommended by Eco Infrared Technologies team to install Activflo Catalyc Non-Chemical Water Conditioner Pipe to remove the limescale from our water. As we have been using the standard filter system which means we had to call out the engineer to change and clean the system 2-3 times per year.
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  3. Yo! Sushi Bournemoutn - Infrared water heater

    Yo! Sushi restaurant's manager in Bournemouth comments on our infrared water heater installed in their restaurant
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  4. Black coated infrared heaters installation at Fresco in Bournemouth

    As the cold season is coming up quickly, we have decided to look for a heating system in our shisha room. After doing some research on which heating system would suit our requirements and needs, we considered to get an advice from a local company that offers infrared heating solutions.
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  5. Block of flats heated by infrared panels

    To start with I would like to thank you CABBIUS team for a professional communication, quick installation and for offering a free survey which helped to choose the right heaters for the property.
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  6. Birmingham Church

    Over a year ago we have installed high output infrared heating panels in our Church in Birmingham offered by CABBIUS company.
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  7. Family house and Infrared

    CABBIUS provides outstanding service. We have purchased and installed the Cassette Tile Panels and Infrared Boiler in our family house. We are very pleased with the easy installation and the performance, which gives a significant cost savings in the monthly energy bills.
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  8. Sunsation Tanning Salon

    Sunsation tanning salon team wants to say a big thank you to Eco Infrared Technologies team for a very quick delivery and installation as well as for excellent customer service.
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  9. Bungalow Infrared Heating

    I have installed ECOSUN G600 panels all over my bungalow as my main form of heating.
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  10. Butterfly Nails & Beauty Salon

    We want to say thank you to Cabbius team for excellent customer service and quick installation service.
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