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Thermostats for underfloor heating

Thermostats for underfloor heatingThe effectiveness of your underfloor heating depends primarily on the thermostat. There are different solutions for different comfort requirements, therefore the Honeywell range is represented by a large number of models. They can be divided into the following types:

  • - manual;
  • - digital room thermostats for central heating
  • - programmable;
  • wireless thermostat for baxi boiler
  • - Wi-Fi programmable
  • -APP control

Let's take a closer look at each of them.

Manual thermostats

They are also called analog. Such devices have a very simple design and reliable circuitry. Due to this, their price is much lower than other options manually controlled models are often used in rooms where it is necessary to constantly maintain the same temperature.

Digital models

Thermostats for a warm floor of this type are more convenient to use and more technological than manual ones. They have a digital screen that displays temperature and various system information. Their work is controlled by buttons. Digital models are also quite easy to use, and they are ideal for places where you need to constantly maintain the same temperature level.

Scheduled thermostats/Programmable thermostats

They differ from the previous type in higher energy efficiency, since they allow you to turn on the heating according to a certain schedule. For example, on weekdays, when you are at work, heating will occur in an economical mode and energy consumption will be minimal. And before you return, the thermostat will again raise the room temperature to a comfortable level. The programable thermostat is our most popular due to the efficiency when comparing it to the manual option. Therefore, you can quickly recoup such an investment.

Wi-Fi programmable devices

Thanks to the built-in Wi-Fi module, they can be connected to the home Internet network and control the work using a smartphone or computer. Such models are equipped with many features that help to save energy, while maintaining a constant level of comfort. They keep statistics on the use of electricity, giving you the opportunity to optimize its consumption as much as possible.
Thermostats differ not only in the type of control, but also in a number of other characteristics.
Depending on the type of installation, devices can be:

  • for living rooms with installation in a standard socket. Our Honeywell products come with a decorative frame in white or ivory.
  • for installation in a control cabinet on a DIN rail;
  • for installation in a power outlet.

Honeywell devices are characterized by a different way of placing the temperature sensor:

  • placing the sensor on the floor. Before pouring the screed, the temperature sensor is placed in a metal-plastic tube, so that in case of failure of the sensor it was easier to replace.
  • remote temperature sensor. It is already attached to the thermostat, and it only needs to be placed in the right place to measure the air temperature.
  • a sensor built into the device.

The Honeywell range is very wide. You will be able to choose the necessary model of any price category. Their quality is confirmed by the availability of relevant certificates, and the warranty on all products is 2 years.
You can buy a thermostat for underfloor heating in our online store, and we will deliver it for free.