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12kW Electric Combi Boiler With inbuilt Cylinder

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£2,299.00 incl. VAT
12kW Electric Combi Boiler With inbuilt Cylinder is available to buy in increments of 1

Size:  875mm (H) x 660mm (W) x 300mm (D).
Power:  2kW – 12kW.
Weight:  65kg.
Warranty:  2 years.

  • This electric combi boilers work exactly like gas combi boilers
  • As with Gas combi boilers, all components are built in
  • Only External filling loop, Room stat or central heating programmer is needed
  • Switching from Gas to Electric boiler allows the end user to run the heating & hot water more safely efficiently, economically and practically
  •  Boiler is 12 kW using 50A

 Operates in two modes:

  • Eco mode:
     Uses 2kw immersion heater in the cylinder to heat 37.5 ltrs of water to 65°C at 13lt/min. This gives enough water to shower for about 5-10 minutes depending on the hot water flow rate used. Eco is very economical as it costs about 14p for the cylinder to heat up which takes about 30 - 40 mins.
  • Comfort mode:
    Uses 12kw to replenish the cylinder with hot water when any stored hot water is used from the cylinder. In this mode continuous hot water is supplied for 1-2 outlets.
  •  Clean and safe form of heating and hot water solution
  • Continuous hot water for its size
  • 240v single phase
  • Use 10mm cable
  • Flowrate: 13 Lt/min at 65°C
  • Completely silent due to Triac Based Technology
  • Modulates from 2kW – 12kW
  • Digitally displayed temperatures
  • 37.5 L glass lined, insulated steel cylinder with inspection flange, fitted with magnesium anode, mounted with insulated boiler casing
  • Can be used with radiators or under floor heating
  • Anti Legionella function means the temperature of the cylinder is automatically raised to 65°C in order to eliminate legionella bacteria
  • Simply connect flow and return from heating circuit and cold supply for HW
  • All components, for normal function of the boiler included inside
  • Hot water limited to 65°C
  • Central heating limited to 75°C
  • 2 Years warranty (extendable)

Package contents:

  • 1 x  Electric Combi Boiler
  • 2 x 22mm Isolation Valves
  • 2 x 15mm Isolation Valves
  • 1 x Bracket
  • Manual

 *Optional Catalyc Non-Chemical Water Conditioner Pipe:

  • By installing an ActivFlo Chemical Free Water Conditioner you can reverse and stop all the effects of hard water.  This includes::

    • No more limescale build up in your appliances, taps, showers and sinks
    • Up to 50% less soap and washing powder needed
    • No spotting or marks on stainless steel sinks and worktops
    • Improvement in some dry skin conditions
    • Better tasting water from the tap
  • And, The benefits you don’t see.

    The build-up of limescale can eventually lead to the failure of parts within washing machines, dishwashers, showers and boilers.  By installing an ActivFlo water conditioner you will safely condition your hard water which will help to prolong the life of your appliances.

    Your hot water cylinder can also be affected by limescale and over time the efficiency will be reduced as the coil and pipes get coated with limescale and get affected by corrosion.

  • For more information please follow the link:  Press here

Delivery time: 1-2 Business Days.

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