Sunsation tanning salon team wants to say a big thank you to Eco Infrared Technologies team for a very quick delivery and installation as well as for excellent customer service.

The main problem was cold mornings in the tanning salon as sunbeds have not been on yet. Sunbeds are switched off over the night, so Sunsation’s sales assistant switch them on in the morning and it takes a while to heat the tanning salon and reach the comfortable working temperature.

We have contacted Eco Infrared Technologies team and they have offered to do a free survey and consultation before offering any products. After the survey, we have been offered to install one 300W panel above a place where our sales assistant works. Along with a heating panel we have also been offered an “Easy carpet” (heating carpet) to keep sales assistant’s feet warm. The panel and carpet are easy to control and more economical than the 3kw heater we used to have in the salon. Instead of 3kW we now only use 380W, so we can save on energy costs more than we have expected.

The heat coming from the carpet and panel is comfortable and does not have any noise or smell. It feels like staying in the sun.

We can recommend Eco Infrared Technologies company and its products to anyone!

All the best,

Sunsation Salon