CABBIUS provides outstanding service. We have purchased and installed the Cassette Tile Panels and Infrared Boiler in our family house. We are very pleased with the easy installation and the performance, which gives a significant cost savings in the monthly energy bills.

Having a thermostat in every room allows us to set the temperatures individually for our lifestyle. The air in our house has never been dry or stuffed as before when we were using the convectional heating but now it is nice and fresh while we all are being warm because of the infrared heating.

We have a small child at home and at first we were scared that a child can burn herself on infrared panels as they do heat up to 90 degrees but after talking to Infrared Technologies team we were reassured that this won’t happen and after 3 years of having these panels no accidents have happened and our child has not burnt herself even while playing in front of the panel. So we can confidently say that those panels are child safe!   

Infrared Technologies team makes it easy to understand how the system works and provides outstanding service. After 2 years of using infrared heating panels we wanted to find out if we can save any more money on our bills, so we have contacted Infrared Technologies office and they have told us about their new Carbon Boiler. After careful consideration about changing our water tank which is maintenance free, Infrared Technologies team has sold it to us and we have decided to go ahead and purchase the boiler. All we can say that this is an amazing product. Took no time to install and get up and running with all of the technology it has to offer.

We are very happy to be using some of the features such as instant hot water. We have never run out of hot water which is very important as we have a small child who needs to take baths and cannot wait for water to heat up.  The water pressure of the boiler is amazing as it provides excellent hot water flow in the entire house without hesitation. Also it came with the digital programmer for easy access and manual temperature setting valve in case of programmer failure (so far no failure). All we can say that in one year time we have seen an even bigger reduction in our electrical bill.

We want to take this time to thank Eco Infrared Technologies team and we are highly recommending CABBIUS Ltd. to everyone who is looking to change their home for better and save money on their bills!

Kind regards,

Mr & Mrs Reed