Over a year ago we have installed high output infrared heating panels in our Church in Birmingham offered by CABBIUS company.

After a year using infrared heating system we would recommend it to any other Church as the
system was easy to install and does not require any maintenance at all. The system was up and
running in no time.

Church visitors say that after installing infrared heating panels they can take off their coats and feel much more comfortable and relaxed during their stay in Church. Visitors feel warmth coming from nowhere because they cannot recognise any heaters around as infrared heating panels are installed on the walls at the high point in particular places to reach and heat everyone in the Church.  

As we were considering various heating options and solutions, we are happy to say that we have
chosen the right one for our Church and its visitors. People were concerned about this heating system before we have installed it and it is a pleasure to hear people saying that they can enjoy their time in Church even during the cold period of the year. Furthermore, the air is light and fresh as infrared does not dry the air, so there is another benefit of this heating system. The heat coming from the panels does not have any noise or vibrations neither any smell.

We would highly recommend Eco Infrared Technologies company, its quality service and products to anyone.

Warmest regards,
Mr J. Bansal