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Installing Infrared Heat Panels

Infrared heat panels are not only beneficial for your health. They will also save you money
on heating bills. Furthermore, contrary to conventional radiators they are very easy to install. Forget all the trouble caused by pipes and plumbing, complicated expensive wiring, heavy lifting and difficult installation. No more room spared for boiler storage and intricate
electricity boxes. Infrared panels are light, thin, energy efficient, easy to install and run.

Infrared panels are designed and constructed with you in mind. Their light carbon fibre and aluminium frame construction allows you to adapt these panels to your needs. They can be simply mounted on the wall or the ceiling by our clever bracket system or can be
incorporated in a suspended ceiling.

For mains operated systems we recommend you take the advice of a qualified electrician who will be able to wire them into the existing circuits in your home or work place. With our
products, heating installation becomes as easy to fit as new lighting. Infrared panels can also be installed in your bathroom. They are great preventers of damp and mould.

Please insure that your panels are installed complying with wiring regulations that specify distances between low voltage electrical appliances and water source.