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Infrared Water Heater 75l

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Infrared Water Heater 75l is available to buy in increments of 1

Size:  460mm (w) x 980mm (h) x 450mm (d).
Power:  650/1370/1540W.
Weight:  20kg.
IP rating: IP40.
Warranty:  5 years - cylinder, 3 years - control unit.

The unusual design of this tank provides a considerable heating surface (larger than one square meter) wrapped in a special heating cover. Once powered up, the cover reaches a temperature of 120°C and takes the temperature inside the inner tank walls as high as 85°C: this increases the thermal exchange with water and, at the same time, prevents lime scale build-up.

Cold water flowing into the tank from below is conveyed along heated walls, so that the temperature exchange between water and the walls is faster and more effective and water is heated up more quickly.


  • Infrared Water Heater can produce unparalleled hot water quantities compared with similar electrically heated water dipped products.
  • Can ensure significant energy savings and respect for the environment.
  • Can modulate power consumption, which is a very important prerequisite for energy savings and rationalisation.

Technical Details:

  • Made up of carbon fibre cables (carbon fibres cut power demand by 40% given the same target temperature).
  • Capacity 75 litres.
  • Voltage 230V.
  • Maximum operating temperature 90°C.
  • Maximum operating pressure 6 bars.
  • TIG and micro-Plasma welded AISI 316L stainless steel body with pickling treatment both inside and outside.
  • Stray current and corrosion protective device (replaceable magnesium anode).
  • Inspection flange (diam. 12cm).
  • Hot and cold water connections: ½”.
  • High density, extra thick (40mm) PU foam insulation – CFC and HCFC-free.
  • Epoxy powder painted sheet steel shell.
  • Anti-static, shock proof ABS lower and upper plates.
  • Display indicating storage water temperature, operating power range, ON/OFF status, time.
  • Thermostatic valve for manual control of output water temperature.
  • Safety valve (compulsory).
  • Optimised power consumption due to power splitting (610W - 1370W - 1540W in “Plus” mode).
  • Electronic control unit provided with a display unit.
  • Two daily working time slots (two-rate time-of-day tariff option) and managed power output.

 Installation Remarks:

  • Recommended to install an expansion tank to compensate for the increased volume of heated water.
  • Install an inlet pressure adjustment unit.
  • Considering that feed water is usually rather hard (up to 25°f), recommended to install a polyphosphate filter to avoid calcium precipitate in the boiler. For intensive use or water harder than 25°f a water softener must be installed.
  • Spare parts are available upon request.

 *Optional WRAS Approved G3 System Installation Kit:

  • Thermostatic mixing valve
  • Potable water expansion vessel
  • Tundish
  • Safety relief valve
  • Strainer
  • Pressure reducing valve

 *Optional Catalyc Non-Chemical Water Conditioner Pipe:

  • By installing an ActivFlo Chemical Free Water Conditioner you can reverse and stop all the effects of hard water.  This includes::

    • No more limescale build up in your appliances, taps, showers and sinks
    • Up to 50% less soap and washing powder needed
    • No spotting or marks on stainless steel sinks and worktops
    • Improvement in some dry skin conditions
    • Better tasting water from the tap
  • And, The benefits you don’t see.

    The build-up of limescale can eventually lead to the failure of parts within washing machines, dishwashers, showers and boilers.  By installing an ActivFlo water conditioner you will safely condition your hard water which will help to prolong the life of your appliances.

    Your hot water cylinder can also be affected by limescale and over time the efficiency will be reduced as the coil and pipes get coated with limescale and get affected by corrosion.

  • For more information please follow the link:  Press here


Delivery time: Next Day Delivery.

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