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Industrial Heating Solutions

Infrared heating is the most efficient way of heating various commercial and industrial objects. Those types of buildings usually face mould, damp and low temperature problems. Moreover, during the cold season people who work in warehouses and other large industrial buildings suffer from various illnesses caused by the cold. It is also known that efficiently heated workplace improves productivity.

Our company is offering various industrial infrared heating solutions for garages, warehouses, restaurants, schools, hotels, hospitals, summer houses, caravans, etc.

Infrared heaters provide comfortable and pleasant heat. The principal behind Infrared heating lies in understanding of how the sun rays work. They are a mixture of electromagnetic waves ranging from infrared (IR) to ultraviolet rays (UV) that travel through the atmosphere without the need of air or any other medium to carry it.

Infrared heating works by directly heating walls, floors, things located in the building and a human body, instead of heating the air. Then heated objects release their heat into the environment.

Radiant heating does not cause air convection currents and this way minimises dust movement and provides a clean, draft free environment.

Advantages of Industrial Infrared Heating:

  • Saves up to 50% on energy costs (savings depend on insulation, ceiling height, age of the building, etc.).
  • The space can be heated up in a short period of time.
  • Warms the floor through the direct infrared radiation.
  • Does not cause air movement that produces dust.
  • Does not produce any noise.
  • Concentrated heating.
  • Infrared heaters can be suspended or ceiling mounted.
  • Gentle radiant heat results in improved comfort at lower temperatures.
  • Infrared heating uses less energy than conventional heaters.
  • Infrared heating systems do not produce dry heat.
  • Operates with no carbon combustion (does not produce toxic by-products, no possibility of open flame or fuel leaks).
  • Infrared heating products can convert about 90% of the electricity into the actual heat with minimal energy loss.
  • Prevents mould growth.
  • Improves blood circulation, metabolism and immune system.
  • Beneficial for people with health conditions such as asthma or bronchial ailments.
  • Easy to install.

*More Industrial Heating solutions are available upon request.

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