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Easy Carpet 100 watts

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Size:  750mm x 500mm.
Colour:  Blue/Brown/Green/Black.
IP rating: IPX7
Warranty:  2 years.

The Warmset Heating Carpet is the ideal system for guaranteeing great comfort for feet and legs in situations when you have to stay sitting down for hours in the same position at home or especially in the office. The Warmset heating carpet is great when placed under your desk, especially for those who sit in front of a computer for hours, constantly annoyed because they feel cold.

Through Warmset’s innovative heating system, its not being very thick and the care invested in the fabrics and stitching, the carpet combines technology, comfort and design.

Just a few minutes after it is turned on, plugged in to any electrical outlet, and consuming the power of a lamp, the Warmset carpet gives its user a pleasurable sense of well-being to feet, legs and the entire body.

For the project, Warmset worked together with architect Ferruccio Tasinato on the design and finishes of the Heating Carpet. The finished product comes in its standard size of 75×50 cm and in various colours. The clear plug also used for designer lamps makes this carpet a real and genuine all-round Italian designer item



  • The Warmset Heating Carpet is a heating carpet suitable for the heating and comfort of the lower limbs, available in 4 ranges of colour: Yellow, Blue, Green and Black
  • It is a multi-layer system inside which there is Warmset heating technology laid on insulating backing. On the outside, there is fabric at the top of the carpet and anti-slip PVC underneath.

Technical data:

  • Warmset electric Heating Carpets come in the standard size of 75×50 cm with 100 W power, or in customised sizes based on a design up to 1.5 m in width and 8 m in length.
  • The heating technology inside is the heart of the entire carpet and thanks to its patented shape plenty of heat is given off over the entire surface.
  • The insulation underneath increases product efficiency, conveying the heat upwards, thus preventing it from going downwards.
  • There is a thermal protector set at 50 °C in the carpet which turns the system off in case of accidental overheating due to the system being used improperly.
  • The cables are IPX7 guaranteed. The cold output cable has a bipolar plug in compliance with European standards and a pedal switch with LED light to signal system startup and shutdown

Delivery time: Next Day Delivery.

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