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WARMSET BLACK INFRARED MAT is available to buy in increments of 1

Length Range: 1.0m - 30.0+m.
Width: 500mm.
Cold tail: 3m or more.
Power: 30W/m² up to 140W/m².
Protection: IPX7 Rating.
Warranty: 10 years.

Warmset BLACK Aluminium has the aluminium support, unlike the fiberglass mesh, does not have a grid pattern, but looks like a long carpet, 50 cm wide with an aluminum film on the top and bottom face. Therefore it is not suitable in applications where a good permeability to mortar/glue is required, but has considerable advatages in dry applications: the reduced thickness of the membrane and the use of a thermal conductive material such as aluminium, allow a fast and homogeneous heat diffusion, especially in those applications as dry subfloor under laminate or floating floor, where the heater is placed directley under the coverage, and this and excellent spread on the surface is required to avoid significant differences between hot and cold spots. 

Warmset Aluminium Foil, innovative radiant floor heating system, is composed by a 17 mm strip that is stretched and incorporated between two layers of PET film / aluminium with a standard 500 mm width. Wires inside are mainly made up of rolled aluminium and other metal alloys with polyester film.

The 17 mm strip has an average thickness of 3 mm with a maximum of 6 mm on head and tail connections. Length and coil power are variable: 1 to 40 m in length and from 30 up to 140W/m2 compatible with product's features.

The space between webbing and with webbing inside the coil varies from 25 to 70 mm, thus guaranteeing a surface coverage of more than 40% of the area.

Warmset radiant floor heating systems is optimal for dry applications, including engineered, laminate and floating wood floors

The standard cold cable length output is 3m+.

Installation video:


  • Approved to EN60335-2-96 as required by the 17th Edition Wiring Regulations (BS7671:2008).
  • Range of heat outputs 30W/m² up to 140W/m².
  • Direct installation on concrete or insulation.
  • Ultra thin (only 3 mm).
  • Ideal for dry applications.
  • Suitable for engineered, laminate, carpet, vinyl and floating wood floors.
  • Certifications: BEAB Approved, TUV, NF, CE, CULUS, TCNA.

Delivery time: 1-10 Business Days.

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